Rüyam Oztuna graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1998 and she completed her post graduate diploma in Law at University of Westminster, London in 2001 and the College of Law, LPC in 2004. Rüyam was admitted to Bar of Istanbul in 1999 and also to the North Cyprus Bar in 2010. Rüyam joined the Law Firm in 2011.


 Rüyam's international knowledge and experience forms an ideal background to serve the Law Firm's clientele. Rüyam works with clients on Insurance Litigation matters, Insurance Law, Company Law, Commercial Law, Contract Law and Banking Law. Rüyam's international experience covers matters related to the Republic of Cyprus. Rüyam is a highly experienced and well regarded Litigator with a thorough understanding of North Cyprus Court procedures


 In addition to her own case work Rüyam oversees the Law Firm’s various Professional team's case activity providing guidance, case strategy and reviews of legal drafts.