Av. Gözel Halim (1941 – 2014)


Mr. Gozel Halim was a Graduate of Istanbul University Law Faculty (Turkey). He originally established his Law Office in Limassol in 1972. In 1974, Mr. Halim moved to North Cyprus. Active in the early formation of North Cyprus, Mr. Halim was elected to parliament in 1976 as a Member (MP) and was re-elected in 1983. Mr. Halim was also appointed to the Law Council at the Parliament responsible for drafting the original North Cyprus constitution. In 1976 Mr. Halim was elected as the President of the North Cyprus Bar Association serving in this position until 1982.

As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Halim served as Chairman of the Board of a highly regarded Bank in North Cyprus for 30 years. Also Mr. Halim served as Chairman of a leading local insurance company for 8 years. He remained a member of various social associations and cultural foundations.

After retiring from day-to-day legal activities and up to his death in 2014 Mr. Halim remained an active source of guidance to the Law Firm where his political insight and contacts along with his long term legal and commercial experience were invaluable assets to our Legal Staff and Clients.